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Navratri tradition of ‘bommai golu’ goes online this year due to COVID-19

The nine-day affair of Navratri prepares to don a new garb this year. Virtual challenges and ’bommai golu’-hopping via Zoom keep the the age-old South Indian tradition alive R Bharathan, 50, from Chennai is excited about the new addition to his golu collection — a Bhadrachala Rama doll. Bought from Mylapore, the doll will be the showstopper of his seven-step golu arrangement this year. However, he is apprehensive about celebrations this year, given the ongoing pandemic. “We need to be cautious

As Chennai malls re-open, here is what the new shopping experience is like

Is shopping at the mall like going to the ball as Cinderella: in and out with a deadline in mind? Find out as we mall hop, while following COVID-19 guidelines Ask S Lalitha what she longs for and the KK Nagar resident says, “I have missed going to Spar Hypermarket in Forum Mall to get my monthly groceries…” Human desires have become astonishingly simple under the pandemic. Until five months ago, the city’s shopping malls were prime hangout spaces, bustling with hordes of people — shopping, cat

Coronavirus | Unchecked, ‘immunity boosters’ can turn toxic

Unchecked, repeated use of ‘immunity boosting’ home remedies, prompted by the COVID-19 scare, can turn dangerous. Here’s a guide to deriving the most out of kitchen ingredients “Yesterday my patient on the operating table bled buckets. He wasn’t on blood thinners — no explanations... After surgery, he told me he was taking a herbal concoction of ginger, garlic, turmeric and asafoetida thrice daily to prevent Covid.” A consultant at Manipal Hospitals and an ophthalmic surgeon, Dr Raghuraj Hegde’

Students around India are turning towards the baking business: here’s how

From balancing their studies to whipping up a creamy batter, students are using lockdown to experiment with launching a business, to earn some extra pocket money even as they upskill Jannani Mohan, a Psychology student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Madras School of Social Work, began selling cupcakes from her home in July 2018. How did she manage a business along with her studies? Jannani says, “It is important to know how much one can handle; I don’t take orders during exams.” On the othe